ADISA ITAD Sales Training Course

Location: Rothamsted Conference Centre, Harpenden


Selling services is based on building value in that service to your customer such they view your service as perferrable than your competitors. Within ITAD there are many areas where value can be built not least in becoming a trusted advisor. This day long course explores the different areas within the ITAD process where value can be built and helps the attendee understand how to build their own value proposition to help them win more business.

Courses are being run from Rothamsted Conference Centre in Harpenden, with currently no scheduled dates available. You can enquire about training via the form below.

Course Code: ADITST1
Non Member Course Cost: £1000 (Exc VAT)
Member Course Cost: £750 (exc VAT).

What this course offers:

  • What is ITAD? Challenging the perception held by the industry itself.
  • Understanding your customer including roles within the customer their motivations and problems.
  • Industry analysis to review participants and identifying competitors.
  • Overview of storage media and the process for sanitising them, and explanation of types of forensic attacks available.
  • Review of international and national standards for sanitisation and other applicable standards.
  • Understanding risk management.
  • Building your value proposition and being successful in the ITAD sale.