The ADISA audit process is multi-layered including full audits, unannounced operational audits and forensic audits. This approach ensures ADISA Certified companies are constantly being kept on their toes.

With companies suspended and others removed from the program, the certification is something companies work hard to achieve and even harder to maintain.

With free end user services such as tender review, compliance reporting and real-time monitoring, the ADISA certification program is something which many companies are now building into their requirements as a pre-requisite for their suppliers to hold.


Our professional team has a wealth of knowledge and experience across all areas of data policy, information science and the asset disposal sector.

Steve Mellings



Steve has over 15 years’ experience in asset retirement working with industry, global manufacturers and personally helping write and implement asset disposal policies for some of the largest organizations in the world.

A strong advocate of secure asset disposal Steve founded ADISA in 2010 to proactively deal with the current malaise from all parties concerned with data security issues within asset retirement. Author of the ADISA IT Asset Disposal Standard Steve is helping drive improvement in this service sector not only in the UK but also in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The ADISA industry Standard has been recognised by DIPCOG which is a CESG and UK MoD Committee as being an industry standard of merit and Steve continues to work with UK government on procurement frameworks and vendor management in this sector.

In 2012 Steve worked with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and wrote much of the ICO guidance notes which were released to help businesses comply with data protection legislation in this area. Steve is also the author of the National Computer Centre (NCC)’s guidance notes on how to manage risk when disposing of assets.

Steve is also a lecturer on risk management within asset disposal and co-author of the ADISA Certified Professional training course and has spoken at many national and international conferences on the subject matter.

Dr Andrew Blyth


Director of Technology and Research ADISA Research Centre

Formally the Director of the Information Security Research Group at the University of South Wales, Andrew has functioned as a expert witness in the area of computer forensic and data recovery for a wide variety of law enforcement agencies such as the Home Office, SOCA and the Met Police.

Dr Blyth has also published a number of journal papers on the areas of computer forensic and data recovery and is one of the leading global authorities on data sanitisation and forensic techniques on solid state media.

Dr Blyth is on the ISO advisory board for standards relating to Computer Forensics as well as a member of the National IA forum and continues to work with UK government including the Defence Science Technology Laboratory.




Julian joined ADISA in February 2019 and brings over 30 years’ experience in customer facing roles across a range of industries.

With a background in process management and compliance, Julian's approach to auditing is based on building a strong relationship with the member and to work through the assessment in a structured, formal yet relaxed way.

In his spare time, Julian is currently studying for ISO 27001 lead auditor and well as being a long standing Scout Leader.



Audit Manager

Lisa has been with ADISA for 7 years and brings a strong background in customer service to the team. Lisa's role is to help potential members through their initial application and first audit and to work closely with current members as they undergo their schedule of unannounced spotcheck and full audits. She organises and schedules the auditing team and acts as audit review at the end of the process. Lisa also helps the membership with any queries or help they might need ranging from technical issues through to marketing and sales.

Lisa enjoys horse riding and theatre ( although not at the same time.!) and loves writing short stories.



Jenny joins ADISA from Cisco to support the back office functions including marketing and auditing.