ADISA Certification

Launched in 2010, ADISA Certification has been certifying companies who provide data sanitisation services for over 10 years and is formally recognised by UK Gov via DIPCOG and NCSC.

ADISA Certification is your go-to certification programme of choice when you are seeking support in your own compliance programmes.


IT Asset Recovery Certification 7.0 & 8.0

The ADISA IT Asset Recovery Certification is a scheme focused on the business process of IT asset recovery and data sanitisation.

ADISA Standard 8.0 has been formally approved by the UK Information Commissioner's Office as a UK GDPR Certification Scheme.


ADISA offers two levels of product testing for data sanitisation tools: Product Claims Test and Product Assurance.

Find out more about our product certification services at ADISA Research Centre.


Coming soon. This certification is for companies who are releasing IT infrastructure – either sanitising the media themselves, OR are engaging with data processors to perform sanitisation services.

This certification helps business comply with UK GDPR whilst promoting re-use of assets through risk management which enables them to not only comply with law, but also to support sustainability initiatives.

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