Rapid IT

Certification Number AAC124

Certified to UK GDPR Certification Scheme
ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 (UK) CSC003/CSC004

Certified Site:
Tech Warehouse, Wyre Street, Padiham, BB12 8DF

Contact: Chris Stevenson.
+44 1282 798 256

Contact Email: chris@rapidit.co.uk
Webpage: www.rapidit.co.uk

Certification Awarded: 18th October 2022
Current certificate: Version 1

Certified companies undergo two surveillance audits each year. These result in a pass/fail and are recorded in their Certification Report. A copy of which can only be issued by the certified company.

Certification Status - Merit
Certified to the ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0
DIAL Rating
Level 2