This is a monthly webinar lasting just 15 minutes, the aim is to pick a topic relevant to ITAD, get experts together from that sector for a debate. With amazing ITAD experts sharing their knowledge it is the ideal way to keep up to date with industry points of interest and relevance.


Webinar Release Schedule

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Friday 17th November 2023

2pm UK / 9am EST
“The Dirty Secrets of Data Sanitisation”.
Erasure, overwrite,'s all the same thing isn't it?
Roger Gagnon
Extreme Protocol Solutions.
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Tuesday 28th November 2023

2pm UK / 9am EST
Sustainabilty within the ITAD Service
Why scope 3 reporting is a key part of the ITAD value proposition.
Andrew Kroeger
Vision Sephirot
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Wednesday 6th December 2023

2pm UK / 9am EST
Process is key to compliant and efficient ITAD
A professional ITAD process has many touch points both with the asset and with the need to report to the customer.
How can automation help make these touch points more precise and less of a burden?
John Spagnuolo
IQ Reseller
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Thursday 11th January

2pm UK / 9am EST
Exploring the nuances of media destruction.
Destroying things is easy isn't it? This session discussed how a shredder is designed and how media destruction is a lot more than people realise.
Garry Coston
Secure IT Services
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Wednesday 27th March

2pm UK / 9am EST
UK Data Sanitsiation Standards / Approvals
What to and what not to specify when looking for a data sanitsiation service in the UK.
Daniel Smith, Compliance Manager at RDC
Jon Woodward, Director at Invision Marketing
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TBCITAD 15 may be delayed due to focus on ADISA Conference. Speaker TBCTBC
TBCCurrent trends in the 2nd user market
What's happening in the remarketing sector?
Speaker TBCTBC
TBCYour staff are your competitive advantage
How to find and keep quality employees. Linking mental health with performance.
Speaker TBCTBC
TBCArtificial ITAD
What is the opportuntity of AI in the ITAD Sector?
Speaker TBCTBC
TBCWhat does the future hold for ITAD Certifications?
The ITAD sector
Speaker TBCTBC