This is a monthly webinar lasting just 15 minutes, the aim is to pick a topic relevant to ITAD, get experts together from that sector for a debate. With amazing ITAD experts sharing their knowledge it is the ideal way to keep up to date with industry points of interest and relevance.


Webinar Release Schedule

Scheduled Time and DateTitle and DescriptionGuest Speakers
10am London
3rd March 2022
Zero Landfill - Myth or Reality.
Join us as we discuss Zero Landfill, is it real or just a myth used to market green goals with in the business.
Justin Greenaway - SWEEEP
Bev Benham - Tier 1
Andy Hanratty - MINT
2pm London
21st April 2022
(To avoid Easter)
Caveat Emptor
Bad procurement practices in ITAD.
Adrian Grace - Director of Global Development Solutions - ERI
Kyle Marks - CEO - Retire IT
James Burkimsher - Ingram Micro
2pm London
5th May 2022
Swimming in the Channel?
The good, the bad and the ugly parts of the Channel when using ITAD services.
Andrew Gomarsall - Executive Chairman - N2S
John Gladstone - Sustainability Lead - Softcat
Robert Doherty - Managing Director - Recycle IT
2pm London
9th June 2022
Are sanitisation standards being deleted?
With an update on ISO 27040 sanitisation requirements and the demise of the CPA scheme is the world of sanitisation product approvals changing?
Fredrik Forslund- VP Enterprise and Cloud Erasure Solutions - Blancco
James Derrick - Risk and Compliance Officer - Blackmore
Steve Mellings - CEO - ADISA Certification
2pm London
7th July 2022
Selling by FEAR is not how to sell
Telling customers what they already know is not the best way to sell.
Shawn Cunnie - Director of ITAD - NF Smith
Kelvin Robson - Business Development Manager - Green Safe IT.
Nathan Church - Marketing Manager - S2S Group.
9.30am London
5th August 2022
Changing the Game
A certified company only meeting to discuss the evolution of ADISA Certification and how it can win you more business.
Steve Mellings - ADISA
2pm London
8th September 2022
It’s not easy being Green
We're told that sustainability is key to our future yet governments and OEMs seem reluctant to help with conflicting legislation and a lack of transparency. What can we do about it?
Ken Parker - Head of Projects and Compliance - ICT Reverse
Oliver Mason - Managing Director - KOcycle
Amanda Harris - Director, Asset management - Centerprise International
2pm London
10th November 2022
Becoming ADISA Certified
Exploring why companies become certified to UK GDPR Certification Scheme – ADISA Standard 8.0.
Chris Stevenson - Rapid IT.
James Derrick - Blackmore IT.
Karl Neary - Apex Evolution.
2pm London
Date: TBC
How to be assured when sanitizing media
What are the challenges that need to be taken into consideration when building assurance when sanitizing media?