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Darrel Arjoon

 Reuse Technology Group Ltd

Session Synopsis

Session title

Beyond the Factory Reset: Ensuring Complete Data Erasure in Networking Equipment

Resetting networking equipment to factory settings is often thought to completely erase configurations and VLAN setups, but this is not always the case. Many networking devices retain certain configurations even after a factory reset due to embedded or persistent storage designed to maintain critical system settings. These residual configurations can include VLAN settings, IP addresses, and other network-specific data. This persistence is intended to simplify device recovery and maintain essential connectivity, but it poses a security risk by potentially leaving sensitive information accessible. Additionally, some devices may require multiple reset methods or additional commands to fully clear all configurations. Therefore, relying solely on a factory reset can lead to incomplete removal of network settings, highlighting the need for thorough verification and additional security measures to ensure complete data sanitization. This issue underscores the importance of understanding device-specific reset processes and the potential need for more rigorous data erasure techniques.

Darrel Arjoon is a visionary thought leader in the realm of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and IT Sustainability, renowned for his innovative approach and profound expertise in driving sustainable technology solutions. As the founder and CEO of Reuse Technology, Darrel has dedicated his career to redefining how organizations manage their IT assets, ensuring that they not only maximize value recovery but also adhere to the highest environmental standards.

With over two decades of experience in the IT industry, Darrel has built a reputation for his deep understanding of IT lifecycle management, data security, and environmental stewardship. His forward-thinking strategies have positioned Reuse Technology at the forefront of the ITAD industry, delivering comprehensive solutions that emphasize reuse, recycling, and responsible disposal of electronic waste. Darrel’s expertise extends to ITAD for networking equipment, where he has developed specialized protocols to handle the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this critical infrastructure.

Darrel’s leadership is marked by a commitment to sustainability and a passion for educating businesses about the critical importance of environmentally conscious IT practices. He regularly speaks at industry conferences, sharing insights on the latest trends in ITAD, the economic benefits of sustainable IT management, and the evolving regulatory landscape. His thought leadership is also reflected in numerous articles and whitepapers, where he advocates for circular economy principles and the integration of sustainability into corporate IT strategies.

Under Darrel’s guidance, Reuse Technology has developed proprietary methodologies that not only ensure compliance with international standards but also promote social responsibility. His innovative approaches have helped countless organizations reduce their carbon footprint, mitigate risks associated with data breaches, and achieve their sustainability goals.

A respected figure in the industry, Darrel Arjoon continues to inspire and lead the charge towards a more sustainable future in IT. His unwavering dedication to excellence and sustainability has not only transformed Reuse Technology into a leader in ITAD but has also set a benchmark for the industry at large.

Sarah Carr
Senior Case Officer

Information Commissioner's Office

Session Synopsis

Session title

Understanding GDPR Certification Schemes

This session will explain what UK GDPR certification schemes are, their role in demonstrating accountability and compliance with UK data protection law, the role of the ICO in the approvals process, and the benefits to organisations of certifying their data processing.


Sarah joined the ICO in 2015, initially providing advice and guidance to organisations and individuals before moving to Assurance as Lead Auditor. This involved consensual and compulsory audits within the public and private sector. Sarah joined the Codes and Certification team in 2018 with responsibility for developing processes, guidance and engaging with stakeholders to encourage the development of data protection certification schemes. She has subsequently enabled the approval of the data protection requirements for five UK GDPR certification schemes related to age assurance, age appropriate design, asset disposal and training & qualifications, and legal client services with more on the horizon.

Sarah has a broad knowledge of UK data protection legislation, as well as specific expertise in certification, and has represented the ICO both nationally and internationally – representing the ICO at the European Data Protection Board expert subgroup for certification and codes of conduct. She has led a number of information sharing sessions for international bodies and data protection authorities, sharing the ICO’s experience of developing the UK GDPR certification framework.

Debojyoti Biswas
Product Leader


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Session title

Art of Product Management - in the world of AI/ML and sustainability

Debojyoti delves into a customer-centric approach to product development. He illustrates how starting with the end user in mind and working backwards ensures products meet real customer needs and minimises risk of product failure. By prioritising customer feedback and insights, this technique helps shape product vision, features, and improvements keeping the launch effectiveness in check.

Debojyoti emphasizes that this method drives innovation, enhances user satisfaction, and leads to successful product outcomes. He will present real life case studies from amazon product launches to demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique. He will also take the session through of utilising AI/ML models to boost sustainability in global logistics.

ABOUT Debojyoti
Debojyoti is an accomplished product leader who has worked in some of the biggest companies in the world - Amazon, Maersk, Oracle and has helped deliver high impact product launches. He has developed the "Shipping fast and small” technique, a very practical approach in product development that synergizes agile methodology with creative design thinking for high velocity product launches. This method is celebrated for enhancing team collaboration whilst getting cross team alignments in numerous tech companies across all sizes. He has also made a significant impact in the retail/ecommerce/ logistics industry by leading the development of successful apps and digital platforms. These products and features are notable for their customer centricity and getting the maximum “bang for the buck”

Steve Mellings

ADISA Certification

Session Synopsis
Extending the product lifecycle is often not embraced due to fear of data loss and non-compliance. Hear how a risk based strategy can overcome fear and embrace circularity
Steve Mellings is the Founder and CEO of the ADISA Group, which encompasses ADISA Certification. He is recognised for his pivotal role in authoring the ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0, an official UK GDPR Certification Scheme designed for organisations that recover and sanitise redundant electronics. Under his leadership, ADISA has become a prominent certification body, holding the esteemed Standard 8.0 and serving as the Certification Body for LOCS:23, both of which are ICO UK GDPR Certification Schemes.

Jonmichael Hands
Advisor Storage and Sustainability

Chia Network

Session Synopsis

Session title

Data Sanitization Enabling the Circular Economy for Storage

The Circular Drive Initiative (CDI) is a collaboration of global leaders in digital storage, data centres, sustainability, and blockchain in a joint effort to reduce e-waste by promoting and enabling the secure reuse of storage hardware. CDI was convened under the leadership of William McDonough, Chief Executive of McDonough Innovation and the renowned architect of Cradle to Cradle design and The Circular Economy, which brings circular design principles and reporting to data storage in the ICT industry. CDI is tackling the barriers of data security, regulations, market enabling, metrics, and operations to facilitate the reuse of storage devices and reduce GHG emissions and e-waste.

ABOUT JonmichaeL

Jonmichael (JM) is a storage market expert, blockchain supporter, and sustainability leader. Jonmichael spent ten years at Intel in the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions group working on product line management, strategic planning, and technical marketing for the Intel data center SSDs. In addition, he served as the chair for NVM Express (NVMe) marketing, co-chair of the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) SSD special interest group, and is active in Open Compute Project storage and sustainability projects. He was VP of Storage at Chia Network and remains an advisor. Jonmichael is the treasurer and secretary of the Circular Drive Initiative, 501(c)(6) non-profit, promoting the secure reuse of drives and circular business models for the storage industry. Jonmichael started his storage career at Sun Microsystems designing storage arrays (JBODs) and holds an electrical engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines.

Deborah Andrews
Professor of Design For Sustainability and Circularity

London South Bank University

Session Synopsis

Session title

Rubbish in, rubbish out? The importance of Eco-Design.

The need to design ourselves a better future is essential to stop the ever increasing tide of electronic waste. Hear how this is being achieved today and the changes we need to make to benefit us tomorrow.
ABOUT Deborah

Deborah has 20+ years’ experience in sustainable design and manufacture, the Circular Economy and Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and is proud to be a Chartered Environmentalist. She adopts a whole systems approach to the challenges of sustainability and circularity that include consideration of all life cycle stages from design, through use and end-of-life. She is engaged in related research and enterprise activities with various sectors. Deborah has collaborated with the data centre industry since 2010 and is the founder and academic lead for CEDaCI; this EU Interreg NWE-funded project generated ground-breaking research to develop a Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry. A key output is the Circular Data Centre Compass – a free online resource which enables stakeholders to make informed decisions about sustainability, procurement and retirement of equipment in line with their business focus.

Richard Kenny
Managing Director


Session Synopsis

Session title

Understanding the IT lifecycle - when does product life extension make the most sense.

Looking at Re-use, refurbishment and remanufacture through multiple lenses - performance, cost and environmental impact.


Rich is the Managing Director at Interact, a world leading environmental consultancy utilising circular economy machine learning software, and Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Engineering at London South Bank University (LSBU).
His research and development focus are hardware energy efficiency and the environmental and economic impacts of IT hardware during creation, use and disposal. He is a firm believer in the circular economy and sustainable solutions for IT hardware.
He has contributed to the UK’s Industrial Strategy, European Legislation (EcoDesign Directive, EU taxonomy on Energy Efficiency) and his research has been published in internationally renowned academic journals (IEEE, Elsevier), conferences (LCM, ICAC, GECOST) and anthologies.

John Spagnuolo

IQ Reseller

Session Synopsis

Session title

What makes a modern ITAD

What makes a modern ITAD? Automation, Streamline Processing, and Company Culture, are three things you need to think when scaling your ITAD.

I Have been in the industry since 2011. Started out as an account manager for a ITAD company in Detroit Michigan. Worked with and helped promote the importance of an ITAD operation and process in large fortune 100 and 500 companies in the greater metro Detroit area. Later worked to help streamline our manufacturing processes and became the general manager of asset recovery until 2016. Joined IQ reseller to better streamline our implementation process and to help ITADs better defined their internal processes and help to automation and process to better scale their business. I’ve successfully implemented and tweaked processes for over 100 companies in the ITAD, repair, mobile, 3rd party maintenance and more!

Beverley Benham
Partner Account Director


Session Synopsis

Panel Session:

Bridging The Digital Divide

What does making universal access to the digital world a human right actually mean in practice and what are the consequences?


As a Partner Account Director at Tier 1 Asset Management, Beverley leverages her 20 + years of experience in IT asset disposal (ITAD) to deliver sustainable and socially responsible solutions for clients.
Beverley has a particular interest in Social Value and is responsible for Tier 1's partnerships between Computer Aid International and The
Beverley creates global solutions for clients that wish to enable a bridge of the digital divide, whilst meeting both legal and environmental obligations.

Ben Griffin
Managing Director

Asset Lifecycle

Session Synopsis

Panel Session:

What makes a modern ITAD
  • The Importance of ITAD (data Security, Sustainability, Regulatory compliance, and the demand for re-manufactured/Re-furbished equipment).
  • The Difference between a traditional ITAD and a Modern ITAD emphasising adaptability, tech integration security and sustainability.
  • Core Characteristics of a Modern ITAD - Environmental Stewardship - People - Technological Innovation - Regulatory Compliance - Customisable and Scalable Solutions
  • Future Trends and Challenges
  • The Role of ADISA and Industry Collaboration

Ben Griffin, the driving force behind Asset Lifecycle Solutions (ALS), has an illustrious career that began with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Liverpool University. His professional journey took off at Ferranti, a renowned Aerospace and Defence company in Manchester, where he climbed the ranks from Chief Engineer to Technical Director, and finally to Business Unit Director at Elbit Systems in Israel.
Ben's introduction into the ITAD industry was sparked by an engagement with CDL for Top Secret data sanitisation, leading to his role as Sales Director and subsequently Managing Director after CDL's acquisition by Restore Technology. Recognising a market need for a modern ITAD, Ben leveraged his vast experience to establish Asset Lifecycle Solutions in 2022.
Based in Cheshire, ALS thrives under Ben's leadership, embodying his commitment to innovation, security, digital inclusion and sustainability in the ITAD sector. Beyond his professional achievements, Ben is deeply passionate about social value, particularly in providing access to affordable, IT equipment to those less fortunate in the UK.
His journey from the aerospace and defence industry to the helm of a pioneering ITAD company showcases his adaptability, visionary approach to business and technology, and his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact both in the industry and the community.

Peyman Balali
Founder & CEO

Rapid Solutions International

Session Synopsis

Session title

 What makes a modern ITAD

Explore the main elements that define modern IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) in today's digital world. Discover the imperative shift from traditional disposal to holistic lifecycle management, emphasizing compliance, sustainability, and data security. moving towards technological innovations like asset tracking and data erasure, enhancing efficiency and value recovery. Understand the evolving role of ITAD service providers and emerging trends such as circular economy principles and extended producer responsibility. Gain insights into selecting reputable partners aligned with organizational goals. This session equips attendees to navigate IT asset disposition with confidence, leveraging innovation and collaboration for a sustainable digital future.

Peyman Balali is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in IT asset disposition (ITAD) and related fields. He has demonstrated expertise in compliance, sustainability, data security, software development, and ITAD risk management. Currently serving as CEO at Rapid Solutions, Peyman Balali has spearheaded numerous initiatives, including Rapid Track, Driver Master, Rapid Studio, the Total Quality Management System (TQMS), My Smart Guard, and EBrain.

Passionate about developing and utilizing cutting-edge technologies in ITAD and electronic recycling, he is committed to driving innovation and sustainability within the ITAD landscape. With a focus on delivering cost-effective solutions for the ITAD industry through the development and adaptation of new technologies, he strives to make a positive impact on both businesses and the environment.

As a speaker at this seminar, Peyman Balali is eager to share his insights and experiences, contributing to meaningful discussions and fostering collaboration within the ITAD community. Through engaging with fellow attendees, he aims to inspire and empower others to embrace modern ITAD practices for a more sustainable digital future.

Mat Jordan


Session Synopsis

Session title

Dealing with the volatility of the 2nd user market


Mat's gotover 25 years experience in the sector and as CEO of Procurri is very well placed to talk about the global 2nd user market.


Mat Jordan has over 25 years’ experience within the IT sector, currently the CEO of Procurri. Joining Procurri in 2014 as Sales Director for UK after the acquisition of Tindirect by Procurri and was appointed Head of EMEA in 2016. Progressing to Global Head of Lifecycle Services in 2020
and appointed Global Head of Operations in 2022. Mat participated in a management buyout of Tindirect Ltd in 2005, following which he became an owner of the holding company, Tinglobal. Mat has worked with numerous venture capitalists raising capital and participated in business sales, acquisitions and mergers. Mat Graduated from Southampton Solent University with a BA(Hons) Business Studies.

Alastair Hunter
Accreditation Specialist (Digital)

United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

Session Synopsis

Session title

The Role of Accreditation in Securing Trust in the Digital Age

In the digital age, where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, the role of accreditation in building and securing public trust has never been more critical. This session will explore how national accreditation bodies, like UKAS, serve as fundamental pillars in establishing reliability, security, and integrity within the digital landscape. We will delve into the importance of accreditation in enhancing the credibility of digital services and products. Through expert insights and real-world examples, attendees will learn about the mechanisms accreditation bodies use to ensure that organisations meet rigorous standards for quality, impartiality and technical competence. Furthermore, the session will highlight the evolving challenges and opportunities in maintaining trust as digital technologies advance, emphasising the vital role that accreditation plays in fostering a safer, more secure digital world.


Alastair Hunter is an Accreditation Specialist (Digital) at the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), which is the sole National Accreditation Body for the UK, as appointed by UK Government. With nearly 30 years’ experience in accredited conformity assessment, Alastair collaborates with government and other key stakeholders to help build trust and confidence in products and services that can be underpinned by accredited conformity assessment.

Jan Hoogstrate
Executive Director

Free ICT Europe Foundation

Session Synopsis

Session title:No voice, No Impact. How legislation can support your business?

The B2B market has long been left on its own by legislators, contracts and competition should do the job. Today we see some change, driven by sustainability, in legislation and reporting requirements. The tension on the playing field is growing as the battle to continue business growth by the OEM channel is including ITAD as a part of the so called IT aftermarket. A healthy independent market needs to be involved; what's up and what does this mean for the future of your company?

Free ICT Europe Foundation(FIE) is a not-for-profit foundation actively promoting the ICT Secondary Market within Europe, funded by donations from individual companies and some organisations like ADISA, SIA and The BrokerSite. We are the representative of the IT Aftermarket towards the European Commission.

Change will continue to happen, influence matters. It is Jan’s drive to work on these changes; unite & represent Independent IT Service Providers, call for a fair and open ICT market and participate in research and legislative processes in Europe. With cars becoming computers on wheels two main sectors in his career came together. Jan’s education has been in Automotive, Business Administration and Total Quality Management. Jan has worked for large businesses and SME’s in the Automotive and the ICT sector. As advisor and analyst he was involved in several M&A projects, business development and creating strategic change. Since 2001 most of his time had been spend in the secondary IT market with roles in the organisations CBE, the Ascdi and Green ICT. Since 2016, he is Executive Director of the Free ICT Europe Foundation to create awareness about the IT Aftermarket and accomplish change in legislation. Circular Economy and Sustainability are key topics. For this he takes the lead in participation of EU projects, development of legislation, lobby activities and research, he is a frequent speaker and the key contact for alliance partners

Tolga Sakar
Head of UK&I Product Certification

BSI Group

Session Synopsis

Session title

Building credibility in refurbished goods - the Kitemark process for remanufactured and reconditioned products.

Embark on a journey to uncover the intrinsic value of the BSI Kitemark in our presentation, where we showcase how adherence to BS 8887 can elevate product design, environmental responsibility, and overall quality. In the dynamic industrial landscape, design and engineering processes are paramount in shaping sustainable outcomes. Delving into BS 8887, a British Standard tailored for design and engineering documentation, we explore its unique features, drawing comparisons with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. This exploration is vital for organizations seeking seamless integration of design, environmental responsibility, and quality management into their operations. The BSI Kitemark becomes a symbol of excellence, affirming your commitment to superior standards and reinforcing trust in your products and processes.


Tolga Sakar is the Head Of UK&I Product Certification, he upheld overarching responsibility for testing and certification activities across a diverse service portfolio. He joined BSI Istanbul in 2013 and has 15 years of experience in TIC industry. Prior to his current role, he was the Commercial Manager in Energy department until 2019 and then appointed as the Sales and Operations Manager for Digital and Connected Products, which he executed for three years. Tolga has bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering and holds Masters in Business Administration.

Roberto Tursini
Founder & MD

Distruzione Documenti srl

Session Synopsis

Session title

Insight into the EU ITAD Marketplace- Italy

Situation and trends of Italian ITAD market - low budget for ITAD project etc
Data protection awareness - education for increasing
Certifications in place for data sanitization and disposal - comparing
Benefit for companies using certified providers ADISA


Roberto Tursini gained extensive managerial experience in multinational companies operating in the office equipment and ITC sectors before founding Data Shredding in 2007 and Distruzione Documenti in 2013 where he currently holds the role of General Manager.
From 2011 to 2019 he was an active member of NAID EUROPE, a committee of NAID (National Association Information Destruction - USA), promoting the correct elimination of information while respecting the highest security standards.
Since 2017 he has been present in Unindustria Roma where he has held positions as advisor in the “safety section”, current member of the ITC section and president of the Aprilia district of Small Industry

Andrew Kroeger


Session Synopsis
MODERATOR Andrew will take the role of Panel moderator at the conference for at least one of the panel sessions.
Andrew's professional experience spans more than 25 years, marked by executive leadership and entrepreneurial ventures. His journey began in the technology Value-Added Reseller (VAR) sector, earning leadership roles at CDW and Insight, delivering on quotas up to $100 million annually. In the last eight years, Andrew has leveraged his experience to focus on the Mobile Processing, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), and Data Sanitization industries. His journey began at Blancco, where he emerged as a top global producer, followed by Chief Executive Officer of Securaze US, where he developed the GTM strategy, secured key partnerships and championed product innovation. Now, Andrew serves as Co-Founder of CypherBlk, a stealth startup committed to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to a secure and sustainable digital world. Andrew is an empathetic leader, polished speaker and regularly serves as an industry expert on panel discussions. He is well-versed in market trends and their application to contemporary business, sharing the latest insights, providing thought leadership and facilitating key connections across the industry. Andrew serves as an Advisor to SERI's Data Experts Group, Advisory Board Member to Cell Phones for Soldiers, and actively participates in numerous industry trade groups.

Ulf Berglund

Remade, Sweden

Session Synopsis

Panel Session: Insight into the EU ITAD Marketplace

The assumption that the industry is the same across EU borders is discussed and differences explored by this panel.


Ulf is the CEO of the Swedish ITAD - Remade in Sweden. Has over 12 years experience form the ITAD industry. Previously worked in IT on both the HW and SW side. Traveled extensively in Europe and Asia for business and also lived abroad for more than 10 years. Married and a father of 3 small people. Enjoys skiing, traveling and a good book

Craig Smith
Manging Director

ICT Reverse Asset Management Ltd

Session Synopsis

State of the Smart Phone market

Smart phones remain a crucial part of our lives, with 5G technology driving further adoption. Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the market, but competition from other brands is intensifying. During this session, Craig Smith discusses the UK and global smart phone market whilst also looking at possible future trends and predictions for the industry.


Craig Smith is Managing Director for ICT Reverse, one of the UK’s leading ITAD's, based in Lancashire.

Since its formation in 2003, when originally known as ShP Ltd, the company has grown from strength to strength and is now one of the area’s leading employers with an impressive range of awards and accreditations. Managing Director Craig Smith said he is proud of the company and its success over the past 20 years and wants to see it continue to develop for many years to come. On average ICT Reverse processes 47,000 assets each month of which 75% are re-used, 25% are recycled and 0% going to landfill.

Looking to the future, Craig’s goal is to develop new and exciting ways to reduce IT waste which is at the forefront of the company’s ambitions. This includes a bioleaching project in partnership with Lancaster University. Craig’s passion for business and the local area has seen him support local charities, sponsor various sports teams (including Morecambe FC) and support organisations such as youth clubs and laptop schemes for children.

When not working Craig enjoys spending time with his family in the area that he loves!

Alan Dukinfield
Sustainability Manager


Session Synopsis
We all know the cost of processing a Laptop through our systems or shredding a hard drive. We perhaps also know our overall company CO2 emissions. But, do we know the actual carbon emissions of the individual task? Wouldn't it be nice to know the carbon impact of each Hard Drive erased or destroyed to help customers decide which process option to choose based on actual cost and carbon impact? Wouldn't it be nice to know at what point the repair of individual assets has a negative environmental impact? This talk explains the environmental modelling undertaken so far and what could be achieved using an evidence based approach.

Callum Snell
Certification Team Manager

BSI Group

Session Synopsis

Session title

Building credibility in refurbished goods - the Kitemark process for remanufactured and reconditioned products.

Embark on a journey to uncover the intrinsic value of the BSI Kitemark in our presentation, where we showcase how adherence to BS 8887 can elevate product design, environmental responsibility, and overall quality. In the dynamic industrial landscape, design and engineering processes are paramount in shaping sustainable outcomes. Delving into BS 8887, a British Standard tailored for design and engineering documentation, we explore its unique features, drawing comparisons with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. This exploration is vital for organizations seeking seamless integration of design, environmental responsibility, and quality management into their operations. The BSI Kitemark becomes a symbol of excellence, affirming your commitment to superior standards and reinforcing trust in your products and processes.

Callum Snell has been a part of BSI since 2018, working with a variety of certification schemes within the Energy sector. As the Certification Team Manager for Electrical/Electronics, he brings extensive experience and a sharp focus on compliance with BS 8887 for both remanufacturers and reconditioners. Callum's approach is characterized by a steadfast commitment to guiding Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) initiatives towards sustainability and impactful outcomes, showcasing his leadership in shaping the industry landscape.

Paul Finnis
Strategic Advisor

Session Synopsis

Bridging the digital divide

What does making universal access to the digital world a human right actually mean in practice and what are the consequences?


Paul Finnis founded the UK Digital Poverty Alliance and is the Strategic Advisor to which connected 2,5 million people in the UK and around the world in 2023.

Session Synopsis
The rise and fall of global players, centrally lead partner networks and local agile providers. Mix in a little language, local market demands and regulations together with significant cultural differences. Add to that a little geopolitics and, of course Brexit.
Jon Godfrey has been a leader in the ITADS, Recycling and Reuse market place for 30 years. He started Lifecycle Services which he sold to Sims Group where he integrated multiple acquisitions which became Sims Lifecycle Services. Jon has been a campaigner for residual data security and worked with the investigative team who found Paul McCartney's personal bank details, the launch manual for intercontinental ballistic missile systems and a host of illegal content on discarded hard disk drives. Jon is a Director of Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions and Intelligent Storage Solutions who repair and recover hard disk drives.

Sebastien Farnaud
Professor in Bionnovation

Coventry University

Session Synopsis

Session title

Applications of Bioleaching technology for the development of sustainable processes using bacteria to recover previous metals from E-waste.

As critical elements become rarer, urban mining is the promising new source of materials, where e-waste becomes e-source! However, as traditional recycling methods are too often unsustainable, it is not just about recycling, it is about recycling sustainably. We developed sustainable processes using Bioleaching technology, which uses non-toxic microorganisms to extract metals, and offers a simple, environmentally friendly approach that avoids the use of high energy, the production of toxic waste and high Carbon footprint.


Sebastien is Professor of Enterprise and Innovation, in the Institute of Health and Well-being at Coventry University, where he provides strategic direction, leadership and management of Enterprise and Innovation to develop the academic portfolio within research Centres. His own research interests comprise several areas for the application of biotechnology in the development of sustainable methods. His funding portfolio includes a number of collaborative schemes with industry, including several KTPs and Innovate UK projects, among several partnerships for Bioleaching technology applications for the recovery of metals from Electronic Waste
Professor Farnaud, has 26 years' experience in Biotechnology in Life Sciences, with expertise in microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedical sciences. With an excellent track record in publishing research of international impact, he is currently involved in several projects that targets the development of sustainable technology including for the recycling of metals but also plastics.

Richard Shea
Service Development Manager

Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd


Session Synopsis
Social value from professional ITAD What does making universal access to the digital world a human right actually mean in practice and what are the consequences?
ABOUT Richard
Richard leads the development of new services within the trading arm of The Salvation Army, looking at new ways they can help people and protect the planet whilst raising funds for the charity to continue the work they do throughout the UK. He has a breadth of business knowledge, having worked in the corporate sector for over 15 years, including living and working internationally in India. In 2022 he moved to the third sector, keen to use his knowledge and skills to better support the most vulnerable in the UK. He is a qualified programme manager, specialising in development and continuous improvement. Richard is a passionate family man who enjoys travelling and adventure, living in Essex with his wife, two sons and cockapoo.