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17th October 2024. The Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London
The ADISA Conference features dual conference streams, making it Europe’s foremost product lifecycle conference



8:30 - 9:00Registration
9:00 WelcomeWelcome
Speaker: Steve Mellings – ADISA
Welcome information and an opportunity to explore the event and exhibitors.
9:05 - 9:35RemarketingUnderstanding about the Kitemark for refurbished hardware.
Speaker: Tolga Sakar & Callum Snell - BSI
BSI have issued the Kitemark to several companies as confirmation of the quality of their refurbished devices. This session explains the process and the benefits for buyers of technology.
9:40 - 10:15RemarketingUnderstanding the IT lifecycle - when does product life extension make the most sense?
Speaker: Rich Kenny - Interact
Rich shares recent research and results on re-use, refurbishment and remanufacture through multiple lenses - performance, cost and environmental impact.
10:15 - 11:00Exhibition and NetworkingGet some refreshments and meet our exhibitors
11:00 - 11:30GovernanceUnderstanding GDPR Certification Schemes
Speaker: Sarah Carr - UK Information Commissioner's Office
As head of certification at the ICO, Sarah explains what UK GDPR certification schemes are, their role in demonstrating accountability and compliance with UK data protection law, the role of the ICO in the approvals process, and the benefits to organisations of certifying their data processing.
11:30 - 11:45GovernanceOperating a GDPR Certification Scheme
Speaker: Steve Mellings ADISA
ADISA is the only UK company which is both a GDPR Scheme Owner and a GDPR Certification Body. This short presentation outlines our experiance and the benefits these schemes can have for organisations.
11:45 -12:15GovernanceThe Role of Accreditation in Securing Trust in the Digital Age
Speaker: Alastair Hunter - UKAS
In the digital era, where technology pervades every facet of our lives, accreditation plays a crucial role in establishing public trust. Specifically, national accreditation bodies like UKAS serve as fundamental pillars in ensuring reliability, security, and integrity within the digital landscape. During this session, participants will explore the significance of accreditation in enhancing the credibility of digital services and products.
12:15– 13:30Exhibition and LunchGet some refreshments and meet our exhibitors
13:30 - 14:00DataData Sanitization Enabling the Circular Economy for Storage - Standard IEEE 2883:2022
Speaker: JonMichael Hands Co-Author for IEEE 2883
A new standard for media sanitization was introduced in 2022 - Standard IEEE 2883. The Circular Drive Initiative (CDI), launched in 2022, is a collaboration among global leaders in digital storage, data centres, sustainability, and blockchain. Its mission is to reduce e-waste by promoting and enabling the secure reuse of storage hardware.
14:00 - 14:30LogisticsArt of Product Management - in the world of AI/ML and sustainability

Speaker: Debojyoti Biswas - Maersk
Debojyoti explores a customer-centric approach to product development. By prioritizing user feedback and insights, this technique shapes product vision, features, and improvements, ensuring successful outcomes. Real-life Amazon case studies demonstrate its effectiveness, along with leveraging AI/ML models for sustainable global logistics.
14:30 - 15:00Exhibition and NetworkingGet some refreshments and meet our exhibitors
15:00 - 15:30SustainabilityHow to report on Scope 3 emission when disposing of Assets
Speaker: Fredrik Forslud - Blancco
The ability to report on how the product lifecycle is extended can be hugely beneficial for organisations when reporting their own Scope 3. Hear how this has been successfully (and credibly) done.
15:30 - 16:00SustainabilityBio-Leaching – Applications of Bioleaching technology for the development of sustainable processes using bacteria to recover previous metals from E-waste
Speaker: Sebastien Farnaud – Coventry University
As critical elements become rarer, urban mining is the promising new source of materials but classic recycling methods are not sustainable. Bioleaching, which uses non-toxic, non-pathogenic microorganisms to solubilise metals, offers a simple, environmentally friendly approach that avoids using toxic chemicals and large amount of energy.
16:00 - 16:30SustainabilityRubbish in, rubbish out? The importance of Eco-Design
Speaker: Professor Deborah Andrews - London South Bank University
The need to design ourselves a better future is essential to stop the ever increasing tide of electronic waste. Hear how this is being achieved today and the changes we need to make to benefit us tomorrow.
16:30 - 19:00Drinks Reception Downstairs
18:30 - 19:00Social Value PANEL SESSION: Social value from professional ITAD
Moderator: TBC
- Beverly Benham - Tier 1 Asset Management
- Paul Finnis Founder
What does making universal access to the digital world a human right actually mean in practice and what are the consequences?

9:40 - 10:15Dealing with the volatility of the 2nd user market
Moderator: TBC
- May Jordan from Procurri,
- Craig Smith from ICT Reverse Asset Management Limited
Valuing equipment being collected is really challenging due to market changes.

This panel explores how to navigate your way through secondary market.
10:15 - 11:00Exhibition and NetworkingGet some refreshments and meet our exhibitors
11:00 - 11:25Beyond the Factory Reset: Ensuring Complete Data Erasure in Networking Equipment
Speaker:Darrel Arjoon - ReUse Technology Group
Factory resetting networking equipment is often believed to wipe out all configurations and VLAN setups, but this isn’t always true. Some devices retain settings even after a reset due to embedded or persistent storage. These residual configurations may include VLAN settings, IP addresses, and other network-specific data. While this persistence aids device recovery, it poses a security risk by potentially exposing sensitive information.
11:30-12:15 PANEL SESSION: What makes a modern ITAD ?

What is the best blend of services to by offered by an ITAD today? Moderator: Andrew Kroeger Co-Founder CypherBlk
- Ben Griffin from Asset Lifecycle Services,
- John Spagnolo from IQ Reseller
- Alan Dunkinfield from S2S Electronics Ltd
We all know the cost of processing a Laptop through our systems or shredding a hard drive. We perhaps also know our overall company CO2 emissions. But, do we know the actual carbon emissions of the individual task? Wouldn't it be nice to know the carbon impact of each Hard Drive erased or destroyed to help customers decide which process option to choose based on actual cost and carbon impact? Wouldn't it be nice to know at what point the repair of individual assets has a negative environmental impact? This talk explains the environmental modelling undertaken so far and what could be achieved using an evidence based approach.

12:15 - 13:30Exhibition and NetworkingGet some refreshments and meet our exhibitors
13:30 - 14:00No voice, No Impact. How legislation can support your business?
Speaker: Jan Hoogstrate - Free ICT Europe
The B2B market has long been left on its own by legislators, contracts and competition should do the job. Today we see some change, driven by sustainability, in legislation and reporting requirements. The tension on the playing field is growing as the battle to continue business growth by the OEM channel is including ITAD as a part of the so called IT aftermarket. A healthy independent market needs to be involved; what's up and what does this mean for the future of your company?
14:00 - 14:30PANEL SESSION: The Challenges of Data Sanitisation For ITADs
Moderator: Roger Gagnon - EPS

Peyman Balali - Rapid Solutions International
There are many operational challenges for ITADs to overcome when sanitising storage media. This panel debate discusses how to work through them.
14:30 - 15:00Exhibition and NetworkingGet some refreshments and meet our exhibitors
15:00 - 15:30PANEL SESSION: Insight into the EU ITAD Marketplace

Moderator: Jon Godfrey - Intelligent Lifecycle Solutions Ltd

- Ulf Berglund of Remade in Sweden
- Roberto Tursini of Data Wipe in Italy

The rise and fall of global players, centrally lead partner networks and local agile providers. Mix in a little language, local market demands and regulations together with significant cultural differences. Add to that a little geopolitics and, of course Brexit.
16:10-16:40Explaining legacy and current Data Sanitization Standard / Guidelines
Speaker: Steve Mellings, ADISA
What are the options for organisations when specifying data sanitsiation services?

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