ADISA Secure and Sustainable Asset Retirement Course

Location: Rothamsted Conference Centre, Harpenden


When businesses dispose of old infrastructure it is often one of the least important activities which takes place and yet within this business process there is a huge aggregated risk to data which still resides on redundant equipment and there is a significant opportunity to promote sustainable IT by encouraging asset re-use rather than destruction.

This day long course reviews processes which organisations who release assets should follow in order to build an asset retirement program which meets regulatory requirements, protects data BUT promotes re-use through risk management. With guest speakers include a leader data protection barrister, this course will empower the attendee to fully understand this business process and champion product re-use.

Courses are being run from Rothamsted Conference Centre in Harpenden, with the next available dates below. To book your place click on the date and complete the form.

Course Code: ADSSG1
Course Cost: £1750 (exc VAT).

What this course offers:

  • Detailed analysis of the data protection regulatory framework relevant to asset retirement.
  • Introducing a policy framework which can be built upon to produce a legally compliant asset retirement process.
  • Making the business case for product re-use.
  • Overview of storage media and the process for sanitising them, and explanation of types of forensic attacks available.
  • Review of international and national standards for sanitisation and other applicable standards.