ADISA Understanding Standard 8.0

Location: Rothamsted Conference Centre, Harpenden
Date: April 20th


The ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 is an approved UK GDPR Certification Scheme (ICO – CSC/003 and CSC/004).

This day long course reviews each criterion in turn and shares the audit process for each of them. The trainer provides insight into what is expected in terms of submissions required and explains parameters of what would and would not be compliant.

This is an indepth and detailed course to enable the delegate to understand how to prepare for 8.0 certification.

There is one face to face date on April 20th 2022, which affords the opportunity to ask questions with the course going online in May 2022.

Courses are being run from Rothamsted Conference Centre in Harpenden United Kingdom.

Course Timings: 9am till 5pm.

Lunch & Refreshments provided.

Course Code: ADST1
Non Member Course Cost: £1000 (Exc VAT)
Member Course Cost: £500 (exc VAT).

What this course offers:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of Standard 8.0 Criteria.
  • Understand the ADISA Certification audit process and how to prepare for an audit.
  • Build an internal audit plan to ensure on-going compliance.