The ADISA Partner Network is designed to help world class organisations which support the ITAD industry identify themselves to each other and to the ITAD sector as being leaders in their field.

If you are seeking companies offering overwriting solutions, these are required to undergo formal testing at the ADISA Research Centre and can be viewed via the link below.

There is no fee to become an ADISA Partner and no financial return to ADISA. The only requirement is that the ADISA team assesses your products / services and meets with the organisation to discuss the vision for the ITAD sector.



ASCDI is a worldwide association representing companies that provide business solutions, technical support and value-added services. With a membership of over 360 companies worldwide, ASCDI delivers value to its members by providing them access to tools and knowledge which help them run and grow their business.

In April 2019 ASCDI and ADISA has formalised their relationship which now includes the ADISA Certification scheme as being the preferred ITAD Accreditation for the ASCDI members. This will enable the ASCDI members to apply and work towards achieving accreditation of the most rigorous accreditation for data security within the ITAD process.


Steve Mellings at ADISA
Joe Marion at ASCDI


R and D Tax

HMRC offer generous corporation Tax reductions and credits to innovative companies who have developed new processes, software or equipment which are an advance on existing technology being used. As an example, if you have developed a process to monitor, track, provide evidence of sanitisation, destruction and traceability, then this might qualify. Another example might be an innovative process for shredding or destroying the assets in situ.

The R&D tax relief can be applied to the two years prior to your next year end and either offsets your taxable profits or creates a loss, for tax purposes. In the latter case, these can be presented for a cash credit from HMRC. RandDTax work with your technical staff and accounts to prepare the documents for HMRC. These are then processed by your Tax Accountant and submitted. It is not an arduous process and once submitted, HMRC will review and make the tax reduction or settlement within typically five weeks.

To assess whether you should be claiming, a short telephone discussion with RandDTax will confirm this. Some of your colleagues have already claimed for several years.


Jaime Lumsden


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