The following claims have been tested against the ADISA Claims Test Method (ACT) and validated in accordance with the Approval Report issued to each claimant.

To find out more about the ADISA Solid State Testing Methodology contact ADISA on +44 (0) 845 557 7726 or emailĀ

Claim DocumentVendorProduct DetailsTest ProductResult & ReportTest LevelCertificate
ADPC0012 1.1ITRenew Inc.Teraware v2.15HP 200Gb SAS-SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0012 1.2ITRenew Inc.Teraware v2.15HP 400Gb SAS-SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0012 1.3ITRenew Inc.Teraware v2.15Intel 320 Series 160Gb SATA-SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0012 1.4ITRenew Inc.Teraware v2.15(Dell) Intel 320 Series 160Gb SATA-SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0012 1.5ITRenew Inc.Teraware v2.15Intel X25-M 160Gb SATA-SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0012 1.6ITRenew Inc.Teraware v2.15Samsung PM800 Series 128Gb SATA-SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0012 1.7ITRenew Inc.Teraware v2.15Samsung PM810 Series 128Gb SATA-SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0012 1.8ITRenew Inc.Teraware v2.15Samsung SS410 Series 32Gb SATA-SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0013Newport Computer Services Inc.EcoErase v4.1.35Samsung MZ-7PC128DPASS1Download
ADPC0013Newport Computer Services Inc.EcoErase v4.1.35Intel SSDA2BW160G3DPASS1Download
ADPC0013Newport Computer Services Inc.EcoErase v4.1.35Scandisk SD6SP1M-128G-1012PASS1Download
ADPC0013Newport Computer Services Inc.EcoErase v4.1.35Crucial - M4-CT512M4SSD2PASS1Download
ADPC0013Newport Computer Services Inc.EcoErase v4.1.35Dell (Micron) MTFDDAK512MAM-1K1ABPASS1Download
ADPC0018SoftThinks S.ASDS v15.0Samsung SSD 850 EVOPASS1Download
ADPC0024JeticoBCWipe Total WipeOut v 3.03Crucial 2.5 SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0024JeticoBCWipe Total WipeOut v 3.03Kingston 2.5 SSDPASS1Download
ADPC0024JeticoBCWipe Total WipeOut v 3.03Samsung mSATA SSDPASS1Download