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ITRenew provides the full suite of IT asset disposition services for all types of enterprise IT, mobility and data center assets through a global network of company-owned and operated facilities, supporting more than 40 countries across five continents. But that’s where our similarity with other ITAD companies ends. 

At ITRenew, we’re different—because you need us to be. Rather than develop workarounds that merely increase security risk and drive up costs, we innovated a completely different approach to ITAD. Our software-driven solution was engineered from the ground up for the modern era of cloud-based computing, enterprise mobility and mass-capacity storage – to service the needs of the most hyperscaled IT infrastructures in the world. 

  • Security first. We developed Teraware – the industry’s first enterprise-grade data sanitization and asset management platform – to snuff out data breach risk by eliminating traditional obstacles to erasing data onsite, the best and most auditable form of data security at decommission. Teraware is infinitely scalable, has an industry-best 95+% erasure success rate and is the only software ADISA-certified to erase solid-state drives (SSDs) at a forensic level. Teraware will additionally discover and reconcile every serialized hard drive – while documenting the parent-child relationship – before assets ever leave the customer facility, eliminating costly breach remediation events for inventory discrepancies. Teraware has been adopted by the world’s largest cloud companies as the default data erasure solution and has been recognized by Gartner as a competitive differentiator.
  • Renewal over disposal. Mass disposition may provide quick settlement, but it leaves money on the table and a mark on IT sustainability. Instead, our process focuses on extending the life of more equipment – first, by eliminating the need to destroy valuable drives for so-called security, then by creating higher resale value at lower cost-of-goods-sold to financially justify far greater reuse over recycling.
  • Service and software as one. By developing our own software, and integrating it into every aspect of our service delivery, we are in the continuous position to custom-develop solutions for the specific needs of our customers while plugging gaps in conventional ITAD processes. This unique service/software combination provides a distinct advantage: as no service-only ITAD vendor can match the flexibility we deliver, while no software-only company can replicate the real-world testing environment of processing more than four million hard drives a year – of all different manufacture, type and capacity – to ensure optimal erasure compatibility and reusable yield. 

A “Visionary” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition, Worldwide, ITRenew has more than 200 customers that utilize all levels of our service, from onsite data sanitization to IT asset recovery, remarketing and R2-certified recycling. We are independently-owned with global operations that are 100% dedicated to performing ITAD processing and data sanitization. We also offer Teraware software and Terabot data erasure products for direct-customer use. For information on our complete line of ITAD services, please visit


Contact Sean Rainey - General Manager, EMEA
Telephone: +353.1.513.6375


Jim Harris -VP, Marketing
Telephone: +415 793 3102

ADISA Audit Scope

ITRenew [Dublin] falls under the ITRenew Group certification scheme. Thanks to common back office processes and agreed conformity at each ITRenew site, all group locations are certified at Distinction Level (Dublin at Merit until March 2017) and move onto a rolling three-year audit program. This will see every site undergo unannounced spot check forensic audits and then a full audit every three years. Should one site fail, all locations fail. Each location has its own audit record listed on this website but further details of the Group Certification scheme can be requested from ADISA or directly from ITRenew.

Audit Date
Friday October 19th 2016

Type: Full Audit

Result: Pass with Merit