Guardian Service provides secure, accountable, tailored, reliable and efficient solutions to clients where security and the integrity of the consignment during transit is their primary concern. This unique service offering is recognised as a market leader in a number of specialist industry Sectors across MOD and HMG. Our systems, processes and procedures are bespoke, but provides full in house solutions and real time tracking of all vehicle (this includes GPS & GRPS), with built in back up redundancy systems.

Our vehicles are un-livered, serviced monthly and replaced every 3 years and fitted with Euro Five Engines that further enhance our existing Environmental Policies and Procedures. The physical Security of all company vehicles have also been significantly enhanced to provide additional preventative access restrictions to the load compartment.

We have three existing service partnering agreements where we can provide a large scope of specialist vehicles to accommodate a variety of requests.

All staff are fully employed, having initially completed a BPSS and signed the Official Secrets ACT and then obtained enhanced security clearances through UKSV (formally DBSNSV) to a level of SC UKEO.

Our employed drivers have been issued with full PPE and hold 5 year ADR Licences for the safe transportation of hazardous material (including batteries) and we hold a certificated DGSA.

Unlike our competitors, our security clearances are held internally and through HMG and MOD approval, we complete our own clearances without the need to obtain third party sponsorship. The approval also supports our capability to hold / store items deemed PMM by HMG and MOD to a level of TS. This enables us to provide a total secure solution within our service offering.

We have over 25 years experience in providing solutions outside of many other suppliers capability. We offer point to point capability but also can provide warehousing solutions as a consolidation option. One of our service offerings is the ability to provide reduced lead times for collection and delivery requests.

As a company, we embrace “change” and continually strive to achieve and exceed customer’s expectations. We continue to grow by reputation and our mission statement is to ensure that we are “the natural preferred choice “of our customers.


Contact: Les Hughes
Telephone :+44 (0) 1606 334731

ADISA Audit Scope
Audit Date
Wednesday 14th June 2017

Type: Unannounced Audit

Result: Pass

Audit Date
Thursday 12th January 2017

Type: Full Audit

Result: Pass with Distinction