Launching in July 2016, ADISA is delighted to present to you the first training academy for professionals involved in the process of ICT Asset Retirement or Recovery. Designed to appeal to both the industry service providers and the organisations who release assets the academy covers a wide range of areas from regulatory concerns, the technology itself through to how to understand what all the different standards and acronyms mean and how to apply them.

The Academy is free to enrol on and has been structured to allow individual users, service providers or organisations to create their own learning path. To enrol simply follow the link below and complete the initial (and basic!) introductory course. From that point you can follow a range of learning paths follows:

At the highest level there are 31 Courses

These are all designed to be narrow in scope to keep them short and precise in their delivery. Each runs from between 15–30 minutes and cost £50 / $75 each.

There are pre-defined programmes which will appeal to different individuals with different roles.

These include a range of courses and include an examination at the end to test understanding. These examinations result in a certificate confirming completion and understanding. These programmes can be completed over a longer time period and cost from £200 / $300 up to £1000 / $1200.

Finally there is the opportunity to create bespoke training courses for organisations who have specific needs.

These can include a choice of the courses from the library and / or tailored courses created specifically for each client. Pricing is on applicable for these.

There are some free to ADISA members courses which will also allow their customers to participate in these.


These cover all aspects of asset retirement / recovery from the technology itself including details of how to sanitise each media through to details of required international law / standards / regulations. The library of courses is aimed to allow a diverse learning path catering for those who want a high level understanding of each area AND those who may require far more detail.


These are populated with courses from the academy library and are designed to appeal to a particular professional operating in the service industry or in the organisation releasing the asset. ADISA can design bespoke course for organisations or individuals so please contact us to discus this.


Each course is allocated to a particular category which covers a range of subjects. These are outlined below:

  • Introduction to the Asset Recovery Sector
  • About ADISA Certification.
  • Understanding your customer.
  • What is compliance?
  • Introduction to Technology.
  • Introducing ICT Asset Disposal to a UK and European Organisation
  • Introducing ICT Asset Disposal to a North American Organisation
  • Standards and Certifications which apply to the asset recovery process.
  • Overwriting and Destruction Standards
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  • US Data Protection / Privacy Regulations.
  • Other International Pieces of Data Protection Legislation
  • WEEE Explained.
  • Global E-Waste Regulations.
  • Introduction to Risk Management and how to apply it to asset disposal.
  • Introduction to Threat and how to apply it to asset disposal.
  • Incident Management within the disposal process.
  • Introduction to Security / Privacy / Data Protection.
  • Introduction to Storage Media
  • Introduction to Magnetic Hard Drives
  • Data Recovery from Magnetic Hard Drives.
  • Introduction to Solid State Drives.
  • Data Recovery from Solid State Drives.
  • Hybrid and Helium Drives explained.
  • Introduction to Tape.
  • Flash storage.
  • Optical Media.
  • Considerations when dealing with Smart Phones and Tablets.
  • The Internet of Things.
  • Considerations when dealing with Networking Equipment.
  • Introduction to Data Sanitisation.
  • Degaussing.
  • Introduction to Software Overwriting.
  • In-depth analysis of Software Overwriting.
  • Physical Destruction.
  • How to write an asset disposal policy.
  • How to write an asset disposal tender.
  • How to undertake vendor analysis and selection.
  • How to audit and assess vendors.
  • How to show regulatory compliance within the process.

There is no fee to enrol in the Academy. To do so please click on the button below and there is a short 15 minute introduction to the Academy Course.